Scions of Ingress

Chapter 2: Saying goodbye & meeting each other

"I didn't even see the first trick." "That's the point!"

It is a warm spring day on the outskirts of the City. A black Lincoln town car pulls up to the gas station on the way out of town. A man in a charcoal grey suit steps out of the car. He pulls out a black cigarette case and wanders back towards the road while the station attendant begins her work. The man looks back the way he came, back towards the City, and appears lost in thought. He pays the attendant, gets back in the car, and returns from the way he came.

Clear-Eyes informs the group they have 24 hours to make arrangements to leave town, as there is a lot of work they need to do. Some seem more willing than others. Terin, especially, argues that she can hardly leave her job, friends, and mother behind for an indeterminate amount of time. Clear-Eyes shows little sympathy, and reiterates that they will be leaving in 24 hours.

Sarajane: Gets a ride from Will to the hospital, to check on her sister. She goes immediately to the ICU. She arrives at her sister’s room to find her mother asleep in a chair next to the bed. Her brother, Remus, is still awake and gives her a big hug. When they separate, she approaches Matey’s bed to find her in so many bandages she is all but unrecognizable. Sarajane’s cry of dismay wakes her mother, who immediately checks to see if she’s wounded. After reassuring her mother that she’s fine, and apologizing for not taking better care of Matey, Sarajane goes to talk with her father to find what he knows.

She learns that he was in fact aware of the existence of Garou. And, not only that, but he has been closely associated with Clear-Eyes and her family for many years. He explains that they are Yuktena, and his entire bloodline has the potential to become Garou. He always knew there was a chance this would happen to Sarajane or her siblings, but it’s so rare he didn’t think it actually would. He stresses that she cannot tell her mother, who isn’t kin and knows nothing about this world. She may eventually tell her siblings, and he even suggests that she may come to rely on her brother in the future. When she says that she needs to leave the City for a while, he seems almost relieved. He says to trust Clear-Eyes, and do what she’s told. At Sarajane’s question when she will be able to return to medical school, his demeanor falters. She can’t, he says. Garou are not human, and need to remain separate from the human world. “They can’t have lives? Careers?” Sarajane asks. “No.” “We’ll see about that.”

Will: After dropping Sarajane at the hospital, Will grabs some food and water from a gas station and carries on to the mine. With the ease of practice, he changes into his coveralls, grabs a headlamp, and joins the queue for the lift down into the tunnels. As usual, no one notices him beyond just another employee. He takes the lift down to the 6800 level, the second lowest level in the entire mine. It is warm and wet. As he walks along the worn tunnels, he can hear trickling water and the occasional tumble of rocks. He takes the same path and finds the man he is looking for sitting in the same place he’s been for a decade.

His father is awake, and watches as Will moves around the small cave, tidying up a bit and placing the food he brought. As he moves, Will explains that others have been found and soon he will be able to help. His father seems unsurprised: “they’re going to be your pack. They’re here for you, and you for them.” Will admits he still doesn’t understand why his father can’t leave the mine, to which his father replies he should ask his theurge. Shortly after he orders Will not bring his pack down to the mine, as the time is not yet right. “If you bring them, it will happen too quickly” he says in his usual cryptic manner. As Will leaves, he gets a sudden sensation of something horrible lurking behind him. He turns, but sees nothing other than his father, watching him go. Will returns to the surface, changes, and heads back to the hospital to pick up Sarajane.

Terin: After speaking with the group, she goes to the room she was given and tries to get some sleep, planning to return to the City in the morning to speak with her mother. As she lays in bed, her mind chasing itself in circles over all that has happened in the past day, she realizes she’s scheduled to work for the next four days and the contact number for her manager is up on her fridge at home. She briefly considers asking one of the manor’s many servants for a ride back to town, then realizes she probably isn’t too far to run. She does let one of the kitchen girls know that she is leaving – while grabbing a bag in which to carry her clothes – then heads outside to the woods. It takes a few tries before she is able to shift, but soon Terin is loping through the woods on four paws, faster than she has ever imagined running before. As she runs through the City, she is amazed by everything she can smell and hear. She realizes there are dogs everywhere, and has an innate sense of when she is passing from one territory to another. Eventually she makes it to her apartment, having apparently passed entirely unseen. She shifts back, puts on her clothes, and goes inside. There she discovers a homeless girl of about 14 sleeping on her couch. Upon being woken, the girl introduces herself as Carrie. Wayne – who turns out to be sleeping on the floor behind the couch – said it would be alright if they stayed at Terin’s apartment for a few days. As they talk, Carrie’s dog, Dog, emerges from Terin’s bedroom. He appears completely terrified of the newly turned Garou. Terin speaks briefly with Wayne, agrees it’s fine that he and the girl use her apartment for a while, and also asks that he keep an eye on her mother (preferably without being seen). After which she leaves a message on the emergency work line canceling her shifts for the next few days, citing a family emergency, and then passes out in bed.

She is woken a few short hours later by a ringing phone. It’s her manager, Bob, demanding why she’s going to be out of town for so long on such short notice. Terin is able to convince him not to give her job away, and promises to call with more details as soon as she can. Bidding farewell to Wayne, Carrie and Dog, she then leaves to go speak to her mother. Approaching the small house, she mentally crosses her fingers that Dale will stay passed-out. She and her mother meet at the side door and speak in low voices. Terin, terrified of leaving her mother behind, breaks down and begs her to come. She promises they can go anywhere, do anything, as long as they leave right away. Her mother declines, as always, saying that Terin just doesn’t understand what love is. Terin sullenly repeats that she will be gone for a few days, but will call soon. Her mother says this isn’t the first time she’s heard someone say that. She gives Terin a small pouch, a tight hug, then closes the door.

Em: Unable to sleep, she explores the manor. She finds Will’s room: workout equipment, pinball machines, and a portrait of a younger Will with Clear-Eyes, a Native American man, and a few others. She debates going for a swim in the outdoor pool, then decides to use the indoor pool instead. Upon emerging she finds a towel laid out on top of her clothes. Sufficiently creeped out, she quickly dresses and returns to one of the guest rooms to sleep.

Despite arriving home in the wee hours of the morning, Will wakes at his normal time. He does his usual exercise routine, during which he is summoned to see his grandfather – a rare occurrence. Hurriedly making himself presentable, Will goes to his grandfather’s study. He is asked what his plan is to become alpha. He is reminded that early steps must be taken, to ensure that his packmates fall in line. Will assures his grandfather he has everything well in hand.

Driving back to the manor after leaving her mother, Terin studies the pouch she was given. It’s heavy, and she opens it to discover a man’s ring in the shape of an owl. She pulls over to study it further. There is an inscription on the inside which reads “Jack’s Finest”. She slides the ring onto her thumb, and carries on to the manor.

While Will and Sarajane gather in one of the smaller dining rooms for breakfast, Em tries to get a ride to the Asylum. Clear-Eyes intercepts here, asking what she thinks she’s doing. She explains that Em is no longer alone, and it would be better to wait and go with the others. Em demands that she be allowed to go – since everyone else was given 24 hours to wrap up their affairs. Clear-Eyes stares her down, and Em finds herself frozen like a deer in headlights. Clear-Eyes very coolly explains that Em will not go to the Asylum on her own, that she needs to stop thinking like a human, and her “strength is in her pack”. The younger woman obeys meekly, and they go to the library to discuss the fact that she is seeing her sister in the mirror.

Clear-Eyes explains that Em is a theurge, which means she can see and hear things other people can’t. “Most of you are crazy,” Clear-Eyes says, “but you can speak to the spirits.” She also says that since Em’s sister was her identical twin, that means she would have changed to a Garou theurge as well. What this means: Em’s sister may still be alive, but trapped somewhere. Em promises to do whatever she is asked, as long as she has a chance to find her sister.

The group spends the next few hours on their own. They try to get some answers from Will regarding what they are, but his answers are vague. He does end up demonstrating some of his abilities, including being able to sneak up on people (although it only works on Terin), and summoning fire. He suggests that they will all soon discover they have new gifts.

Sarajane leaves the manor briefly to have coffee with her brother. She finds out that he will be leaving the City, as he got a job out west for a mining company. He admits he’s been thinking about leaving for a while. He will delay his departure for a while, to make sure their sister is alright, after which he’ll be gone. Sarajane is sad to hear he’ll be going, but is consoled somewhat by the fact this means she’ll get their car to herself.

That night, the group has dinner together after which they gather in the library. Clear-Eyes joins them, and tells them she has spent the day looking into their backgrounds. She says that Sarajane is a philidox, which means she is responsible for knowing Garou law and keeping her pack on the straight and narrow. Clear-Eyes is also a philidox, and promises to tell her more later.

Terin, she says, is an ahroun: a Garou warrior, natural hunter, with the ability to scent the Garou’s enemy. Clear-Eyes notes that she seems more balanced than most ahroun, and should trust in her instincts.

Will, as he already knows, is a ragabash. This means he is a finder of knowledge, and points out what other people miss. He is also the pack’s surprise in combat.

In order to truly become a pack, Clear-Eyes says there is a rite of passage they need to complete. Prior to that, however, they each need to join a tribe. She and Will are Silverfangs, and both knew what they are from an early age. She looked into the others’ background to see what tribal associations their families have (although they are not required to follow their ancestral paths). Sarajane’s family is Yuktena; her grandfather was a hero to the Ojibwa people. Em’s background is unknown. Terin’s father was associated with the Silver Striders. When Terin asks how Clear-Eyes knows this, she is told that her father – Sam Cabot – is still alive, in prison for multiple homicide an hour outside of the City.

Stunned by this news, Terin walks out of the room, then out of the manor. She tries to run, tries to shift, but is unable to do so. Overwhelmed, she loses herself to her rage.

The others, at Clear-Eyes’ prompting, follow Terin outside. She is already gone by the time they emerge. Will shifts smoothly, and follows her trail into the night. Em and Sarajane quickly follow suit.

As he runs, Will has a sudden sense of danger. He immediately comes upon Terin, who has shifted into hispo and apparently gone mad. He shifts to crinos and tries to grapple her to the ground. Lost and unthinking, Terin swipes at him with her claws, badly bloodying him.

Em and Sarajane arrive to find a white wolf-man (they assume to be Will) battling some sort of monster. They leap at it, Sarajane being knocked aside and Em managing to strike a blow. Will leaps onto Terin’s back, doing his best to pin her down. Before she can shake him off, he buries his teeth in her neck and tears. The damage is far more than he intended, and blood bursts from the wound. She falls unconscious, with what appears a mortal wound in her throat. Still in crinos, Will sweeps her up, presses a huge paw to her neck, and moves as fast as he can back to the manor.



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