Järnvilja Manor

The Mayor’s mansion, and perhaps the richest home in the entire City. Within its wrought-iron gates vigilantly guarded by a pair of stone lions, few would dare enter without an invitation. All the better since the manor also houses some of the City’s most important Garou.

Since their first change, the pack has come to call the Manor their home. They pass the time watching TV in the basement entertainment room; training in the pool or exercise room; and dreaming in one of the six bedrooms on the second floor.

A small army of servants seems to manage the Manor’s inner workings. The kitchen’s two fridges are eternally stocked with food and drink, and the remnants of muddy paw prints neatly mopped off the floor.

The Manor is also home to Meredith Järnvilja, whom the pack can seek out from time to time; and Mayor William Steven Järnvilja, whom is an unseen voice to all but his grandson.

Järnvilja Manor

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