The Awakened

A group of humans with magical abilities. A group of Awakened has recently taken up residence in the City. They are operating primarily out of the Cathedral, and purport to be operating a mission for City resident’s of all faiths and social standing.

As the pack has discovered, thanks to their new alliance with Ursula Whitcher and Lamar Jewel, the cabal may not be all they claim. Operating under the leadership of a man named Jaffa Ahumibe, the Awakened are using a convergance of ley lines within the Cathedral for some kind of summoning ritual. Given the fact that the infected Wyrm taint seems to be drawn to the Cathedral, it’s unlikely they are summoning anything good.

The rest of the Awakened cabal are:

Carolyn Schumacher (Jewish)
Micheal Tenenbaum (Budhist)
Eka Kapoor (Hindu)
Ali Bashir (Muslim)
Sarah Belanger (Athiest)
Nadine Danticat (Voodoo)
Pedro Gonzalez (Unitarian)
Song Zhang (Taoist) – recently departed the City
Bob Claymore (Scientologist) – recently departed the City

The Awakened

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