A winged serpent, the pack's totem


B’hem is a recently awoken incarnation of Bashmu, an ancient Wyrm spirit said to be connected to Uktena. He appears as a huge snake with large feathered wings, patches of feathers along his body and a dragon’s head. His scales and feathers are rainbow-like, ranging from soft yellows and greens to iridescent blacks and violets.

Despite his Wyrmish origins, The Scions of Ingress have accept B’hem as their pack totem. Upon freeing the spirit from an ancient spiritual prison which has been guarded over by the Uktena for generations, B’hem has expressed a need to learn from the pack how to distance himself from his Wyrmish nature. Some believe that his greater spirit-self, Bashmu, was not always a spirit of the Wyrm and that B’hem’s desire to learn from the Garou is a sign that Bashmu is returning to its ancient roots.



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