Detective Joanna Blackburn

Uktena kinfolk; containment crew


Detective Blackburn was promoted to her rank among the CPF (City’s Police Force) at an unusually young age. Those in the kinfolk community would claim it is because of her active role as a Uketena kinfolk. Despite serving the City’s Garou well, her talent for police work alone was enough to promote her. Like many kinfolk Joanna has always wanted to participate in the fight against the Garou’s enemies. There was a time she wished she had been one of the changing breed, but after several years of experiencing what the Garou regularly go through she is grateful that she can help in her capacity as a kinfolk rather than a shapeshifter.

Joanna has a brother, Jason “Truth-seeker” Blackburn, a ronin Garou that left the City many years ago. Little is known about him other than his views of the world are rather contrary to typical Garou.


Detective Joanna Blackburn

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